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Great art can completely transform a space and infuse so much personality into a room! The complaint I hear from clients most often is that they don't have good sources and they don't know where to start looking. Especially when it comes to AFFORDABLE artwork. Look no further my friends... this week on the blog I've rounded up a few of my favorite artists for you guys. Honestly, it was way too hard to narrow this list down so you can bet on another version of this post at some point in the future!


01. LAUNDRY ROOM STUDIOS (@laundryroomstudios_)

Laundry Room Studios is best known for their "guest check" series: quotes from oft overheard restaurant conversations that - these days - will hit you with a pang of nostalgia for the days of dining at your favorite neighborhood spots. I have a good chuckle every time I see one of their posts. Any of their pieces would make a great conversation started and statement artwork in your home.

Click here to shop Laundry Room Studios

02. TESS RAMIREZ (@myfathersdaughterdesigns)

Tess is the owner of My Father's Daughter Designs, a boutique graphic design and fine art studio specializing in watercolor and ink illustrations. Her story is truly a special one... In middle school, her father (an artist himself) was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Tess started My Father's Daughter Designs in 2019 as a way to honor his memory and preserve his memories through the lessons of art he had passed down to her. A portion of anything you purchase from Tess is donated to the Alzheimer's Association.

Click here to shop My Father's Daughter Designs

03. KOKETIT (@koketit)

Shira Barzilay comes by her love or art honestly. She grew up "loving the smell of paint and turpentine in her Aunt's studio. Her signature style is minimalistic line drawings layered over beautiful landscape photography. There's a movement to her work that really is captivating.

Click here to shop Koketit

04. ABBY MATHESON (@abigailjmathson)

Abby is an artist based in Charleston, SC. She paints with oils and watercolor in a range of styles and subjects, from portraits to landscape, but always with a modern twist on a classical technique.

Click here to shop Abby Matheson

05. KENDRA DANDY (@theebouffants)

Kendra Dandy is an illustrator whose work is really just so fun! It's got a great upbeat and feminine vibe. She certainly celebrates color, and loves a good cheetah print! I love how these can all be mix and matched together.

Click here to shop Kendra Dandy

06. ANDY BLANK (@andy_blank)

Born and bred in Brooklyn, Andy Blank is an artist committed to creating art that is always under $199. As if that wasn't reason enough to check him out, his work is SO. FRIGGEN. COOL. I now own two of his pieces, and let's just say it will be an expanding collection :) On top of all that, the packaging of his products is 100% recyclable, the frames are manufactured in Upstate NY, and all of his paint products are sourced from local art and hardware stores in Brooklyn. Truly a "shop/support local" situation.

Click here to shop Andy Blank

07. TOBY DAVIES (@edgewood.edition)

Toby Davis is a photographer located in the Bay Area. He shoots all of his photos on 35mm film, giving them a a retro edge that I'm pretty obsessed with. I love his landscapes and vintage car shots!

Click here to shop Toby Davies

08. DANIEL PETERSEN (@danielmpetersen)

Daniel Petersen is another photographer based in the Bay Area whose work is shot on 35mm film. It also has the coolest retro vibe, with a focus on architecture. The colors in his photos are phenomenal!

Click here to shop Daniel Petersen

09. HANNAH WINTERS (@hannahwintersart)

Hannah is a painter, nurse, and mom to her twin boys. Her work consists of beautiful landscapes in soft pastel colors. She offers both original fine art and prints of her work.

Click here to shop Hannah Winters

10. PERRYN RYAN (@perrynryan)

Perryn Ryan is a Brooklyn based artist whose current work is inspired by her life as a wellness advocate and a woman. "Through my work, I explore the complex and intimate relationship with one’s self and connection to the natural and spiritual world, through the movement of continuous lines, expressive colors, and simplistic shapes."

Click here to shop Perryn Ryan


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