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Alex Nino Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in Brooklyn, NY, 

We bring our modern eclectic aesthetic to every project we undertake, combining clean, contemporary lines with vintage moments and elements of color. We believe that design is synonymous with storytelling and endeavor to tell yours to the best of our ability, always keeping in mind that function is paramount.

Whether you're remodeling, furnishing a rental apartment, or simply looking for a fresh take on an existing space, we are here to guide you though the process with the technical and design expertise for a seamless experience. 

    Focused on renovations, Full-Service Interior Design involves working alongside a contracting team (and often an architect) to design the space you've been dreaming about living in. This service includes an initial consultation meeting, where we visit your space, familiarize ourselves with the scope of your project and understand your design goals. From there, a budget is established and floorplans are drawn up. Once construction begins, we perform site visits as needed to ensure the design is being executed smoothly and correctly. Our team will source everything needed for your new home, including furniture and finishes, and take care of the ordering process as well. We endeavor to create as efficient a process as possible for you during your renovation! Full-Service Interior Design is billed as an hourly fee. For more information, please fill out our inquiry form.
    Whether you're living in a rental, you've just finished renovating, or you're simply looking for something new, Full-Service Decorating is a great option for those who want a refresh of furniture, finishes, and art to bring their space to its full potential. The process starts with an in-home consultation to understand the scope of the project, your goals for the space, and your desired style. Next, we formulate a budget, draft floor plans, and then begin sourcing and ordering. Clients have the choice between storing items with us and installing everything all at once on an official 'install day', or receiving items themselves as they are shipped. They also enjoy the benefit of a discount from select retailers on items purchased for their designs. Full-Service Decorating is billed as an hourly fee. For more information, please fill out our inquiry form.
    Distance design is the perfect choice for someone who's looking to benefit from our professional design expertise, but doesn't live in the New York City area. The process of distance design begins with an initial phone consultation to understand the design needs and goals for your space. Distance design requires the client to send us dimensions and photos of the spaces in scope, however we are happy to walk you through the measuring process online. Once measurements and photos have been received, floorplans are drafted, and two (2) different furniture moodboards are created for each space. Once furniture and styling items have been finalized, a complete sourcing list of selections is provided to the client. Distance design is billed as a flat rate fee/room. For more information, please fill out our inquiry form.
    So you've done the hard work of designing your dream space, but there's just a little something missing that you can't put your finger on.... You've seen the perfectly styled bookshelves on instagram and you're wondering how they make it look so easy.... The holidays are here and you have no idea where to start to make your mantle look as put together as your pinterest board... Do any of these sound like you? We offer a styling service that will solve all of these problems. The styling process begins with an in-home consultation where we will review the areas of your home that need fine tuning in the way of styling accessories. Then, a budget is established and we begin sourcing and shopping. We arrange to have everything delivered together on one install day. Our styling service can also be offered virtually. For more information, please fill out our inquiry form.
    At Alex Nino Interiors we are very passionate about art and it's ability to transform the look and feel of a space; it also has an incredibile way of transfusing personality into a home. Whether you're looking to curate a complex gallery wall, or simply need help with a few art selections in your home, we are here to help. Wherever possible, we do our best to support local artists and small businesses! (For some of our favourites, visit our shop) Our Art Curation service can also be offered virtually. This service is charged as a flat rate fee. For more information, please fill out our inquiry form.
    Our tablescaping service was created for small events such as dinner parties, birthdays, wedding showers and baby showers. We work together with the organizer of the event to create a beautifully styled table setting and surroundings for you and your guests. The process begins with an initial consultation to understand your vision for the event and a budget is established. Following this, a tablescape moodboard and 2D table visual are compiled to ensure we are capturing your vision exactly. Clients can choose to utilize their own tableware and flatware, or have our professionals source them for you. We are also able to source florals for your event. Our tablescaping service is charged as a flat rate fee. For more information, please fill out our inquiry form.

We'd love to learn more about what you're doing and how we can help.  Please fill out and submit our inquiry form.

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