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This is a project that's near and dear to my heart for a couple of reasons, but mostly because it's my daughter's nursery! It's also the first project I designed with my portfolio in mind, and the first project I've ever had professionally photographed.... That's a lot of firsts! I had so much fun designing this nursery, which is admittedly pretty easy to do when your client is me-myself-and-I!

The design goal for the nursery was to create a serene, and beautiful space that was first-and-foremost - functional - but also that made me feel calm. Any new moms or expecting moms out there know what it's like when you're planning for your first child... there's So. Many. Questions. I'd never really spent a lot of time around babies before we had my daughter, so I really wanted the nursery to feel like a place that I could bring her when I needed to take a breath and just relax.

Small spaces are a typically a great opportunity to go bold and use a lot of color (think laundry rooms and bathrooms), but it also exacerbates the bold feeling and the last thing I wanted it to feel was overwhelming and cluttered. To that end, and because it's such a tiny space, I decided to keep it neutral and use smaller styling elements to add color and playfulness!

Design: Alex Nino Interiors || Photo: Seth Caplan

I also knew I wanted to incorporate some classic looking pieces without making it feel too stuffy or old. Restoration Hardware had the most beautiful crib and that's where the design all started - Once I found that, I knew that I'd design the rest of the nursery around it! It's a classic piece that will stand the test of time and can easily be used again for another baby.

The choice of change table/dresser was also really easy in that sense - It's a beautiful, oversize piece that can double as a great dresser for a child or teenager's room in the future. This was a considerable "investment piece", but I knew we'd get good use out if it well beyond Blake's baby years, so to me it was easily justified.

Design: Alex Nino Interiors || Photo: Seth Caplan
Design: Alex Nino Interiors || Photo: Seth Caplan

I've included a link to the sources for everything in our nursery below if you're interested in purchasing for yourself!





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